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All-woman dance group Versatile Ones has been blazing trails on the local and international dancing circuit.

Performing on the world stage, the crew dominates competitions, choreographs and participates in several music videos and other cultural showcases and continues to teach dance classes virtually and physically at the studio of the group’s founder Kimiko Miller. She said that this is her proudest achievement yet.

Miller explained that she created the versatile dance group out of concern for the role women play in dancehall, specifically at parties.

“When I go into the dancehall space, I notice that the female dancers are either dancing by themselves or daggering with men, but never really dance independently and showing off moves,” she told Dancers’ Paradise.

The all-round dancer, who has experience in various styles, believes that female dancers could be doing so much more than just ‘wining’.

“The dancehall is dominated by males. There are a lot of male dancers, entertainers and deejays, so I wanted to show that there is strength and versatility in females and show that we can do a variation of male and female steps,” she added.

In keeping with the spirit of ‘being the change you want to see in this world’, the entrepreneur decided to form her own squad.


The group is family oriented by nature, looking out for and supporting each other. Members flourish once they adhere to rules, displaying a strong work ethic and professionalism while thriving in unity and harmony. The team was part of international hip-hop artiste Jason Derulo’s Let’s Shut Up and Dance, with Miller serving as the choreographer. Miller, along with her squad, was also featured in the Netflix docu-series, Move.

Miller says she hopes to give female dancers the assistance they need to hone their craft and aspires to use her platform to help dancers with training, perform for gigs, develop their talents, and operate in the entertainment industry.

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