PRAYING FOR KARTEL – Spiritual leaders excited at the possibility of the ‘Teacha’ getting baptised | Entertainment

The baptism of dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel would have a global impact said several ministers and gospel recording artistes. “It would reassure a lot of people who were losing their faith and reaffirm them into God’s Kingdom,” said gospel lyricist Chozenn. “Vybz Kartel has a cult-like following, so even though we see dancehall evolving and […]

VP Records powers dancehall, Jamaica to US prime time TV | Entertainment

For dancehall and Jamaica to be represented on US prime time TV with slots on ‘Good Morning America’, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ and ‘ Wendy Williams’, mere days apart, is being hailed as epic and calls for a ‘catawampus’ celebration, complete with Go Down Deh on repeat. The dancehall-loving world woke up on Friday morning bursting […]

Cario Young’s faith is increasing | Entertainment

Three years ago, gospel recording artiste Cario Young embarked on a promotional church tour for his single, Increase My Faith. It had widespread impact on the religious community, gaining the attention of established acts, in particular, Jermaine Edwards, who wanted to make the song bigger. The original version was recorded on a rhythm composed mainly […]

Xosia sailing in an ocean of independence | Entertainment

Navigating the strange tides and rogue waves of the music industry has never been Zosia McGregor’s fear. With a birth name that means ‘wisdom’, the singer has always been known to delve deep to find an understanding. “Zosia, the person, goes way beneath the surface,” she told The Gleaner. Born in Jamaica and growing up […]

DJ Antsman’s Yaaad Jelly is naturally a sweet deal | Entertainment

Popular disc jockey DJ Antsman has been playing the entertainment field for a few years, scoring several personal goals locally and internationally. After tasting success in the industry, he launched a beverage company, Yaaad Jelly, in Jamaica last June. “It’s all about being smart,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR in regard to individuals having a […]