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Wu-Tang Clan album sale pays off Martin Shkreli’s court debt | Entertainment

NEW YORK (AP): An unreleased Wu-Tang Clan album forfeited by Martin Shkreli after his securities fraud conviction was sold Tuesday for an undisclosed sum, though prosecutors say it was enough to fully satisfy the rest of what he owed on a US$7.4-million forfeiture order he faced after his 2018 sentencing. The entrepreneur, known as ‘Pharma […]

‘Come out early’ – Dream Weekend organisers adjust schedule amid new curfews | Entertainment

Less than two weeks after getting the green light to host Dream Weekend, organisers of the annual summer series have been thrown a curveball with the announcement of a new islandwide curfew time. The nightly curfew has been brought forward by three hours — from 11 p.m. to 8 p.m. by the Government in a […]

Tanya Stephens delivers at UBTR live jam session | Entertainment

In their first major entertainment event since the reopening of the sector earlier this month, Usain Bolt Tracks and Records brought nightlife in Kingston to exciting heights on the weekend. With Tanya Stephens as the main act for the return of their live ‘jam sessions’, the restaurant and bar was a hotspot for concert-starved patrons. […]

Bugle experiences growth amid COVID lockdown | Entertainment

Conscious crooner Bugle has been seeing an uptick in the number of persons consuming his music over the past year. The singer attributes the surge to increased streaming across various platforms, and the release of more audiovisual content. “Over the past year, I have observed the numbers across various platforms steadily growing. Based on the […]