International Year of Fruit & Vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables (Third Instalment) Fruit and vegetables are a vital part of cuisines around the world. Each country has its favorite dishes. Our fruit and vegetables help define our culture. Consumption Parents around the world try to cajole their children into eating their greens or snack on fruit rather than junk food. They […]

Pushing back COVID-19 key to global economic growth this year – IMF

The January 2021 World Economic Outlook Report issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is projecting a 5.5% growth in the global economy this year, though its projection is underpinned by a distinct hedging of bets arising out of what is now believed to be fresh chameleon-like assaults from the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Fund […]

Covid-19 spawns `economic downturn of historic proportions’ for the Caribbean – 2021 UN WESP report

Latin America and the Caribbean have suffered what the UN World Economic Situation and Prospects Report (WESP) Report for 2021 has described as “an economic downturn of historic proportions” arising mostly out of the health crisis resulting from the onset of the novel coronavirus. Pointing its finger unerringly at the onslaught of the single biggest […]

Heartsmart’s Condiments: Healthy food can be tasty food

The steady growth of the agro processing sub-sector from a modest and little-regarded pursuit used mostly to subsidize the incomes of poor families to what, in some instances, are, these days, significant investments in the manufacture of condiments from locally grown fruit and vegetables, is, arguably, one of the recent noteworthy successes in the agro-processing […]

Tullow Oil back in Guyana/Suriname Basin

Prospects for an aggressive stepping up of the oil search in the Guyana/Suriname basin in a bid to further enhance the world-class oil discoveries made in that region in recent years now appear to loom large after the London-based multinational oil company, Tullow Oil, announced this week that it will be following what a February […]

Venezuela again! – Stabroek News

No one with knowledge of the long-standing territorial controversy between Guyana and Venezuela is likely to be shocked over the recent seizure of two Guyanese fishing vessels by the Venezuelan Navy and the detention of their Guyanese crew in Guyana’s territorial waters late last month. Notwithstanding the release of the boats and crew on Tuesday, […]

Micro and small business sector is being left behind

Sufficient time has elapsed, we believe, for the new government to provide a clear policy picture in relation to the level of support that the local small business community can anticipate from it in terms of initiatives that can help to strengthen the sector if only on account of the substantial job-creation and poverty alleviation […]

Gold prices – Stabroek News

                                             Kitco Market DataGold Prices for the three day period ending Thursday February 11, 2021 Kitco is a Canadian company that buys and sells precious metals such as gold, copper and silver. It runs a website,, for gold news, commentary and market information Source link

Caracas waiting for flowering of Biden administration posture to Maduro regime

Former US President Donald Trump may have disappeared noisily into history but the sword of Damocles which he has left over the head of the Maduro administration in Venezuela remains dangling menacingly and Trump’s successor, Joe Biden, appears in no hurry to remove it. This week Caribbean quoted “experts” as warning that South America’s […]