February 21, 2022

Dancehall entertainer Shane O has released the single Dark Room, which fans have described as being representative of the daily struggles many face.

“Some people hear bout the ‘dark room’ and probably think say a inna one dark room. But a life itself, dark clouds over you. A that a the dark room. Nothing naw come to life, a just dark and all a we go through tha phase deh,” Shane O reasoned.

Even though the track was released earlier this month, Shane O admitted that it was recorded in 2021.

“But me never drop it because you know music change. This time around a reality time now, so you haffi can blend in with every genre for the change,” he shared. Shane O revealed that he got the beat through a popular social media platform.

it took a few days

“You know say a YouTube mi a scroll through because me is a man who sing right through and do music right through and mi deh deh a scroll and mi hear the beat and mi jus deh pon ‘A me alone inna the dark room and mi no have nobody fi talk to; a jus me, myself and I and my shadow’ and mi stuck right deh so until mi add lights out,” he explained. He added that he doesn’t pen lyrics and is very patient when creating new material, even admitting that Dark Room took a few days to complete.

The visuals for the song were shot by KB visuals at Red Hills Road in St Andrew. Social media users have described the single as ‘deep’ and ‘spiritual. The track is a joint production between HR Records and SOR Records. Shane O is known for tracks like Last Days and Partner Draw.

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