November 22, 2021

International recording artiste Tarrus Riley has released his latest single, ‘ Love Salute’, which is a contemporary take on roots reggae, with an infectious yet familiar baseline.

The song is a collaborative effort between the two second generation reggae royalty musicians: Tarrus, the son of Jimmy Riley, and Kareem ‘Remus’ Burrell, the offspring of Fatis Burrell. Love Salute arrives in time for the festive holiday season, which will bring family and loved ones together.

“Tarrus is a musical genius, and it is always a joy and a seamless musical effort working with him. His knowledge of music allows the production process to flow easily across all genres beyond reggae. To work with a vocalist who is aware of evolution in the genre and able to use his tool, his vocal where he sees fit is magic,” said ‘Remus’ Burrell.

Riley’s history with reggae hits includes the chart-topping She’s Royal and Lighter featuring Shenseea.

Tarrus Riley has underscored the importance for everyone to show love.

“Don’t wait until it’s too late to show the people who you love, that you love them. Salute the ones you love; simple, Love Salute,” said Tarrus Riley.

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