November 09, 2021

Recording artiste King Kanashi I has released two new singles, titled Powaz Of The King and The King Covenant.

The former is described as a song expressing reverence and supreme gratitude for the manifestation of Haile Selassie, who is an integral historic figure and someone who has spoken for the conscience of the entire world, according to leaders such as former US presidents John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Meanwhile The King Covenant is a message to all those who are of the Rastafari faith and to all warring factions of humanity, to end all violent endeavours and seek peace now. It also speaks about the conscious militancy that is needed to be able to overcome serious and petty indifferences.

“What we hope to accomplish with these songs is to gain access to a wider audience and provide our fans, listeners and newcomers with another addition of high-quality instrumentals and inspiring lyrical content,” said the artiste.

The themes running through the songs point towards a Rastafarian perspective of life and they range from reverence of the Most High, respect of elders and ancestors, as well as collective security, freedom, justice and self-determination.

“Our hope again is that the listener will receive the gems and keys that are presented within the music and apply the value of them to their own lives and situations,” the artiste added. Music videos for both songs are in production.

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