March 09, 2022

Reggae artiste Jahzi Lee left no stones unturned on his ‘ Original Rude’ EP as he shares his life journey through each single.

Making his EP personal was of grave importance to Jahzi Lee as he believes fans connect with the music more when they know the message and the experiences being shared are real.

“Each track on the EP shares something about my life and I decided to pen my own story in each track because I know many people are going through situations and they may feel alone. So sharing my own experiences will offer some motivation. My comment section has become a community for positivity and I am pleased that my music is able to resonate with so many people,” shared Jahzi Lee.

Since its February 18 release, the eight-track EP has already managed to secure a spot as an Amazon bestseller while making its debut on the Reggae iTunes Charts at number six.

To build on the momentum, Jahzi Lee says that he will soon be releasing the visuals behind his singles Cyaa Tell Mi How Fi Live and Gone A Lead.

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