February 22, 2022


International reggae/dancehall artiste Jahmiel recently released the single Thanksgiving.

The single is produced by TroyBossMusic and distributed by OneRPM. Producer Troy Boss is very upbeat about the reception of this track, and he also hints at more productions.

“As a producer, I believe that this project will be a successful one for this year with the help of my promotion team. This track definitely showcases the artiste and his versatility and lyrical skills and will get you to be hooked to the song in no time,” said Troy Boss.

With the momentum that the single has been picking up, TroyBossMusic explains that there is a video in the works.

“I am taking my promotion seriously. I am ready to dominate the local dancehall/reggae scene with my productions this year. I plan to break ground, especially in the Caribbean and North American markets, in a bid to score international collaborations and worldwide music recognition,” shared Troy Boss.

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