Fogging Schedule for March 15 – 19

The Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health and Wellness will take its mosquito eradication campaign into a number of St James and St Michael districts this week.

For one day, Monday, March 15, it will conduct its fogging exercise in St James, when it goes into Jordan’s Road, Joe’s Drive, Johnson’s Road, Prospect, Crusher Site, and environs.

The team will then target the parish of St Michael for the rest of the week.  On Tuesday, March 16, they will concentrate their efforts in Black Rock, Free Hill Development, Free Hill with avenues, Clarke’s Road, Stanmore Crescent with avenues, and surrounding areas.

The following day, Wednesday, March 17, the Unit will target St Stephen’s Hill, Ellerslie School Gap, Goddard Road, St Stephen’s Housing Area, Dover Square, Plymouth Square, and neighbouring districts.

They will fog Black Rock, Clevedale, Applegrove, Yearwood Road, Wavell, Wavell Gardens, Murray Road, Oxley Road, and environs on Thursday, March 18.

Fogging for the week will conclude on Friday, March 19, in Black Rock, Brownes Land, Seclusion Road, Fairfield Road, Fairfield Cross Road, Scott’s Terrace, Grazettes with Avenues, Well Road, and surrounding areas.

Fogging takes place from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. daily. Householders are reminded to open their windows and doors to allow the spray to enter.

Members of the public are asked to note that the completion of scheduled fogging activities may be affected by events beyond the Unit’s control. In such circumstances, the Unit will return to communities affected in the soonest possible time.

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