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Uncertainty over damages for unfair dismissals

Business Newsday Thursday 18 February 2021 The Industrial Court can assess damages for unfair termination on the basis of the principles of equity as contemplated by Section 10 of the Industrial Relations Act. FILE PHOTO – COURTNEY McNISH Section 10(5) of the Industrial Relations Act (IRA) provides the court with a wide range of powers […]

BPSA boss says uncertain times ahead

Having survived a tumultuous 2020, in which thousands of workers lost their jobs, and businesses closed, Barbadians are being put on notice that a most uncertain 2021 awaits them, as the island battles a wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Wednesday February 3, the country started a 15-day shut down until February 17, dubbed a […]

Poundland closing 44 shops temporarily during lockdown

POUNDLAND is closing 44 shops temporarily from this Sunday due to the third coronavirus lockdown. The closures come after the retailer reported an 80% drop in customers visiting some stores. 1 Poundland is ‘hibernating’ 44 of its storesCredit: Getty Images – Getty The rest of Poundland’s 800 stores in the UK will remain open as […]

What the Bond Market Is Telling Us About the Biden Economy

What is happening is known as a “steepening of the yield curve,” with long-term rates rising as short-term rates hold still. It tends to presage faster economic growth; it is the opposite of a “yield curve inversion,” which is known as a harbinger of recessions. But the flip side is that the moment appears to […]

Women fight for funding in man’s world of tech startups

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. — Lauren Foundos has excelled at just about everything she has put her mind to, from college sports and Wall Street trading to her Forte startup that takes workouts online. Being a woman in the overwhelmingly male world of venture capital was still a barrier — but, like many other female entrepreneurs, […]

The 2021 Budget – Businesses need more!

After being disappointed by Budget 2020 for its lack of direct support towards businesses, which have suffered tremendously from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the collective private sector anticipated with hope that Budget 2021 would contain comparable fiscal measures like the billions granted to households and public sector employees last year. Regrettably, this was […]

What’s the point of investing in TT?

Business Kiran Mathur Mohammed Thursday 18 February 2021 Beachgoers enjoying the sun and sea at the beach on Williams Bay, Boardwalk, Chaguaramas. Beyond the sun, sand, parties, closeness to family and the familiar sense of home, there must be a rational basis for why many chose to stay in Trinidad and Tobago, and a rational […]

Focus on growing fresh food, says Dr Worrell

by Marlon Madden A senior economist is recommending that Barbados focus on producing more “high quality” fresh foods instead of seeking to attain food security. Dr DeLisle Worrell argued that locally produced food would not be cheap for consumers, adding that mass production could even mean people having to “pick or dig” their own food […]

Are building sites open and can construction work continue in lockdown 3?

BUILDERS and construction workers might be wondering if they can still go to work during the third coronavirus lockdown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson plunged the whole country under stay at home orders – you can only leave your home for a handful of reasons. ⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates […]

Powell Focuses on Economic Need at Key Moment in Markets and Politics

The economy is down nearly 10 million jobs since last February, prospects for a rapid recovery — while brighter — remain far from assured, and as Democrats try to move a $1.9 trillion relief package through Congress, Republicans argue that it’s too big and could lead to inflation that would hurt consumers and businesses. Speaking […]