Bostic issues stern warning to tourists and hotels

Minister of Health and Wellness Lieutenant Colonel Jeffery Bostic has declared that Government is taking the kids gloves off when it comes to tourists and hotels that do not follow the island’s COVID-19 protocols.

“Hotels that continue to flaunt the protocols as some have been doing will be removed or delisted from this list of designated quarantine hotels… perhaps as early as tomorrow that action will start,” he said at a press conference this evening.

Bostic said the situation had reached the point where Government would no longer tolerate the continued flaunting of the protocols.

“I know people call me Colonel, but I am not Colonel for nothing; there is a serious side of this Colonel and some people are about to see that serious side,” the Health Minister said.

Making reference to recent documented breaches of quarantine by some visitors, Bostic stated: “The country cannot afford for people to recklessly flaunt protocols in this country. Barbadians deserve better than that and we want this to be a safe destination for visitors and safe place for our people.”

“So, hoteliers and all of those responsible for visitors must play their part. The visitors must comply with our regulations and protocols and then we can proudly continue to promote Barbados as a safe destination for all,” he added. ( [email protected])

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