BDF assisting with eradication of Dengue Mosquito

The Barbados Defence Force (BDF) in its strategic mandate to support the Civil Ministries, is providing assistance to the Ministry of Health and Wellness to ascertain the extent of mosquito breeding and larvae concentration in the Chancery Lane swamp (Christ Church).

A team from the Barbados Coast Guard (BCG)has been deployed to provide navigation and technical support to the water testing unit by the use of its inflatable rubber craft (IRC) asset.

Commanding Officer BCG, Commander Mark Peterson explained that, “the Force as a multifaceted organization, charged with the protection of Barbados’ interests, not only comprises of land and sea security components, but most definitely extends to the public health and wellness of Barbados.

BCG Team Members:

  • Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (IC) – Leading Seaman (LS)Dwayne McCollin
  • Able-Seaman (AB) Shane Best
  • Ordinary Seaman (OS) Matthew Maxwell, Jaron Sam and Andre McClean.

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